view of the brain showing pineal gland
Pineal Cysts
Symptoms of Pineal Cysts

Most pineal gland cysts do not cause any symptoms. They are usually
discovered when a patient has a CT or MRI scan of the head for another
reason. Extraordinarily large pineal cysts can block fluid flow and cause hydrocephalus, which could cause headaches, nausea and vomiting, visual
problems and even lethargy and coma if severe. A large cyst can also put
compress the brain stem, which can cause double vision.

Diagnosis of Pineal Cysts

A pineal cyst is usually found on MRI scans, done for reasons unrelated to the pineal gland cyst. Pineal gland cysts have a characteristic appearance on MRI and can be distinguished from other tumors of the pineal region.
Some patients should have repeat MRI scans to make sure it is not growing. If the pineal cyst is enlarging, biopsy or surgical removal may be required.

Treatment of Pineal Cysts

Most cysts are benign and asymptomatic, and therefore require no treatment. The cyst may be followed with an occasional MRI to determine if it is enlarging. If there is any doubt as to the true diagnosis, a biopsy may be recommended. If the biopsy confirmed a true pineal cyst, usually no further treatment is necessary since they usually do not grow significantly. However, every patient is different and cysts can be confused with other masses that can occur in the pineal region. Therefore, each case should be discussed with the patient's own personal treating physician.

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A pineal cyst is a fluid-filled cyst
that can occur on the pineal gland.
Pineal gland cysts are benign cysts,
not brain tumors. The cause of pineal
cysts is unknown. Most pineal gland
cysts do not enlarge at all; however,
some may enlarge over time slowly
and cause symptoms. Although a true
pineal cyst is benign and usually
harmless, because they can mimic a
tumor, they often need to be
Pineal Cysts
distinguished from other cystic tumors which can occur in the region of the
pineal gland.